Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crossing my personal Rubicon

The final run down has begun. Only a few more days left. Looking now at next week and beyond. This will be the second time I have left home and family to go somewhere, without any family to go to . A bit of a wrench leaving the girls behind; dare I say it? Especially my grand daughter.

The big news is that next Wednesday I have an appointment with the boss of a community program in Belize City. I am going to see what we can do for his organisation. What I envisage is a similar project to the Helping Hands project in Merewent in the South Durban Local Basin. More later.

My own personal goal is one of self-improvement. Getting fit and slimming down. My bad foot and leg - the reason I was kicked out of the Railways - has made it difficult to exercise and I am now about 15 kgs overweight. I am hoping that the warmth of Belize will enable me to walk a lot and reduce the weight and blood pressure.

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