Monday, March 31, 2008

The Shack


I see that viewers of the Album think my shack is great. That just goes to show that photos don't always tell the right story. In fact it is falling apart; is sloping two different ways; has a roof that is likely to blow away BEFORE the next hurricane; has gaps in the walls and floors big enough for iguanas to climb through; has a shower that is so bad that I had to modify it; creaks, groans and rattles at the slightest wind and shifts around during the night. The bed slopes towards the sea. The mosquitoes are so bad that even with coils and using Mayan insect repellant that even stops a doctor fly I go to bed early to avoid being bitten alive. I usually end up with a headache because the bed slopes so badly I slip down onto the wall. When it rains the smell is awful. There are no covers on the light switches and if you grope during the night you can easily stick your finger into the wiring. There is a tap outside that is used by the neighbours.

Having said all that it does have character.

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  1. Well, it has character and at least you can live with that. Toronto is 15cm under it's record snowfall, 195cm.

    Ottawa is 7inches below theirs... 14feet. Quebec City has reached 460cm, beating a 45 year old record. Most of it hasn't melted though - 2 out of 3 days have seen snow since Dec 1st.