Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What this Blog is all about

People who have known me for some time know that my main, if not sole, aim in life is to promote the Raising of Consciousness in people throughout the world. I am promoting and trying to raise funds to enable the Toledo People's Eco Park Plan to be initiated in the Toledo District of Belize in Central America - the area I call Anahuac. For more information please go here. Toledo District, Belize, which is a Squidoo Site. I have also started a Ning.Com site for which go here: Friends of Ko'ox Tun

As it is necessary that I earn enough to be able to live in Belize and help the locals build a new future - I have their support in this, having access to 35 villages in the District - I am concentrating on earning an income sufficient for this purpose.

I have decided to use Squidoo.com as I believe that their system is the best suited to our purpose both now and in the future.

I sincerely hope that everyone who reads this Blog will become a Friend of Ko'ox Tun and will assist in this endeavour. I am battling as I try to learn the intricacies of marketing, promoting and the myriad of things needed to get there, but The Universe willing, I will eventually triumph.

Thank you.

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