Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boy, have I got something to look at!


If you have read my book, Merchants of Chaos You will know that some of the action is set on an imaginary island near Scotland that I named The Island of Vail.

I have actually found that island - it is no longer solely in my imagination. A similar Island to mine is now an actuality and it's owner goes much farther that I envisioned in the 1980's.

During 1968 I met a lady from Shetland who was a dear old friend of my mothers and who knew her from the 1920's. They remained dear friends from that time and exchanged regular letters. She told me a great deal about life in Shetland and what she told me resonated with me; to such an extent that when I wrote my second book, Merchants of Chaos, way back in the '80's I set a portion of the tale in an imaginary island I called Vail. In my updated book, the one that is published, I kept the island intact. Much of what I wrote there is a limper version of what I put in originally and is a mere reflection of what life on Vail is “really” like. In essence it embodies all that is good in the world and has a system that allows freedom to the individual; a real utopia.

The nearest place that I have found that resembled Vail is the Republic of Lakaotah. Until now that is. Although not fully realised yet the little island, the Crown Dependency of Forvik, has an embryonic spirit pattern that resembles the ideal way of life that would, if applied universally, solve most of the problems of the world we now live in.

During earlier postings on this Blog I showed the plight of the Chagos Islanders. I have also researched the Kingdom of Hawaii. Shetland ~ off whose shores Forvik is situated ~ is another place where “imperialism” has ridden roughshod over the inhabitants without regard to them and their aspirations or even their welfare.

I am still reading the information that is shown on Forvik's web site. So far I am more than impressed with the calibre of research that has been carried out by Stuart, who had udal control over his island. This particular point is of great importance, especially considering what has been discovered in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA about the origins and history of that Corporation.

The research and history of Shetland takes one back for more than 500 years. I urge all who have the opportunity to do so, to read the information contained in the site and listen to/look at the videos thereon. This little island can become another Beacon of Light to the world. Anything that I can do to help, I will do. I hope everyone who reads this and also Friends of Ko'ox Tun, will do the same.

Whenever one looks at the world today and the history of the world, one must always remember the Mayan Calendar. Everything that is occurring today, whether it is the Financial meltdown, the escalating lawlessness in the Middle East as demonstrated by America and Israel or the emergence of the "Empire's" riding roughshod over the world's peoples in its quest for money, power and control, is influenced by the Galactic Underworld and the emergence of Ethics over the old Underworld of Power. Too long have we all suffered under the yoke of the "Empire." If its goals are realised then we may expect a huge loss of life all over the globe. This is why embryonic ideals like those of Lakotah, Forvik and, I believe, Ko'ox Tun, are so important.

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