Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ralpapajan - The One Minute Cancer Cure.

Ralpapajan - Looking at the Years ahead!: Look at this...

As I mentioned in the original post. I was going to try this and see what happened. I bought a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Quality. It wasn't available at pharmacies and I had to order via the Internet. On about the 20 January I started with the smallest does as recommended and used it for three weeks. There was an immediate effect with extra vitality. After a few days I discovered that I was detoxing and as I have a taken far too many prescription drugs this detox was very difficult. When I was 7, in 1949, I contracted glandular fever and the doctor prescribed the newly developed streptomycin after he had injected me with 16 jabs of penicillin over four days. Over the following months every day I had to get an injection of streptomycin in the backside. It was quite an ordeal for a seven year old. Later on I was told by a professor of medicine that the maximum recommended was in fact 7 injections for a MAN. He also said that the drug would take a lifetime to leave the body.

I was progressing slowly with the HP when my order for Jim Humble's Miracle Mineral Supplement arrived. I made a decision to swap over and must say that I am glad I did. This is my second week. I am detoxing like mad, have more energy and feel absolutely great. Yes, there are side effects but they are actually the results of the detoxing. I spent several hundred dollars some time ago getting rid of parasitic infestation picked up in Africa some while ago. The symptoms came back last year. The MMS has done more for me in a week than the expensive treatment did in a month.

That is all for now. I will keep you posted.

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