Friday, May 15, 2009

Are you too happy? Spoof ~ probably!

Last year when I went through JFK I was told by the Immigration lady, a very nice young maiden, that I looked too "down" and that I should not walk around looking glum no matter what happens on my flight as "They are appointing people to scrutinise incoming passengers who look glum, as they 'could be terrorists.'" So I spent the next part of my trip through Miami and back again with a fixed, manic grin plastered on my face.

Now we are told that people are much too chipper, that happy people annoy other people and should seek help. To overcome this sorry state of affairs the American FDA have passed a DRUG, wouldn't you guess, to make happy people less happy. Obviously, if you live in this world you have no right to be happy. "We, the rulers" do not want "You, the People" to be happy. After all "We, the rulers," have spent countless trillions making sure you have nothing to be happy about, so get real people, and get sad!"

If you think I am crazy, then watch this video. Note how the girl was so brainwashed that she actually believes the crap "We, the rulers" If this case the Drug Dealers, fed her.

Will this madness never end?


  1. You know the Onion News Network is a spoof site/news network, right?

    "Bird creeped out by local bird watcher"
    "Panda demands abortion"
    "Space Station Crew Members Deny Throwing Things At Sweden"

  2. Is that right? I was sent this by someone who said it was for real. I guess I have been spoofed!!