Friday, July 17, 2009

Karma and the West and Co-creation with the Universe.

I have been thinking quite a lot lately about how the world is going to have to change and what exactly is menat by the term Co-creation with the Universe. We face unprecedented, world wide troubles and tribulations as predicted for many tears in the Christian Bible and in most other religious beliefs. There are Wars and Rumours of Wars aplenty.

Iraq is in turmoil. This ancient civilisation that gave the Western world so much knowledge is under threat of extinction. The Palestinians, who have occupied the land for thousands of years have been brutally subjugated by Eastern Europeans. The Lebanon, that country that provided the timber for the great temples of Jerusalem is a shadow of its former self. Iran, successor to Persia, and a country that has not started a war in 2000 years is threatened with destruction even though they have complied with every facet of the Treaties they have signed. In the East, China is being subverted. North Korea, no matter how belligerent they are,and wouldn't you be belligerent if you had been sanctioned for so long, is under threat of serious attack. In Eastern Europe, Russia is surrounded by hostile, western backed regimes. In Central and South America the indigenous people are once again being subjected to hostile interference from the West. The list goes on and on.

Should we wish to enjoy a lasting peace throughout the world there appears to be two routes to follow.

1. Let the West and its allies destroy every country as they seem intent on doing and then kill everyone off including, no doubt us. There won't be anyone left to protest or indeed to populate the earth;

2. Destroy the Western Powers.

I am not advocating either course. What I am doing is trying to get my head around the principle of Co-creation with the Universe.

Students of Eastern Religions will be familiar with the term Karma. In essence, what goes around, comes around; or, Every act that is performed by anyone is recorded by the Universe and if it is detrimental in any way, it will come back and bite you on the backside while you're not looking.

The Online Dictionary defines it thus:
The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny.

As it would seem, though many will contest this point of view, to be a law of the universe, then we need not worry that the Elite and the Warmongers etc. who have caused such strife and unhappiness, such loss of life and injuries to countless millions of people over the centuries, for they will all get their just deserts. The Christian point of view seems to me to be that at some future date in another existence then they will all have to account for their actions. This is not exactly a comfort to most of the millions who are suffering at their hands today and those that suffered in the past and who are still alive.

The snag is that we will never learn to live in peace together until that retribution arrives.

But why are humans so destructive? Why do they do the things they do? Why are they compelled to be so evil? Was not Man made in the image of God?

Most theologians I have read seem merely to look at either the outer body of man or the personality of man.

I believe that not only was Man made in the image of God, the Universe reflects the Thoughts of God. In fact, the Universe is God. Therefore, we should resemble the Universe in detail. In which case then each of us should have at our fingertips the Knowledge of God; the Wisdom of God; Power of God. Fortunately we do not. God gave us Free will, knowing that we would not be able to handle it until aeons of learning and living had passed, and we were ready to Love God and His Creation unconditionally and without reservation.

Imagine if you will what would happen if today only one person ~ you ~ were suddenly to acquire this Power. The Power that enabled God to create the Universe; to Create Man in His Own Image; to Create the Beasts of the Field and the Forest; indeed to Create Everything that makes up the Planet.

When the Universe came into being as a reflection of the thoughts of God it was perfect. Man inhabited it at the right time and Man was able to live on Earth with everything provided by his God. Now what exactly happened I cannot say, Christian Theologians have stated that God was challenged that, when he thought that everything was good, he had not given Man the choice of accepting or rejecting Him. That could be. Whatever the reason, Man was given Free Will. And Man chose to use that Free Will for his own benefit, as he saw it, to become like God, never realising that he had the perfect relationship with his creator. That of Infinite Love and the Power to co-create with Him.

So Man degenerated. And he has continued to degenerate to this day. For he has the innate belief that everything is here in the Third Dimension of the Universe for his benefit and pleasure. His High Priests have led him astray over the millennia until, in this Power Underworld of the Mayans, he has come to the belief that he is indeed God. He actually believes that he is Co-creating with God, whereas the truth is that he is actively and constantly destroying and seeking to destroy what God Created, the Pristine "Garden of Eden" that was once Planet Earth.

He believes that he can be Master of the Universe and spends his time and energy developing what he believes are the Machines and Technology that will plummet him into space and allow him to take control of its vast reaches, never knowing (actually forgetting) that in his original state and proximity to God he would have been capable of the thoughts of God, with access to the Knowledge of God (some say it is possibly contained within the "junk" DNA stand that the puny minds of today 's "exalted" scientists consider to be worthless). And all this would be available to Man through the Power of his Thoughts for indeed he is God, but that god state is hidden beneath man layers of man thoughts and beliefs.

Why hasn't God intervened in Man's affairs when for many thousands of years He has watched over the Earth? Because He wants man to come to his senses with his own intellect and then realise what he has lost and start working to reclaim it, so that he can once again reside in the Garden of Eden with direct communication with God.

Imagine what You would do if you were to have the Powers of God TODAY: NOW: THIS INSTANT. You can now save the Planet and all the souls who inhabit it. What would YOU DO?

Would you zap the Rothschilds because they have secured the money of the world? Would you zap the Drug Companies that feed off the misery of millions? Would you zap the Arms Manufacturer that control the death and destruction of entire civilisations for their own greed? Would you destroy America? Or Britain? Or Europe? Or Israel? Or Russia? Or Iran?

That is the problem, from our own human point of view then that is what we would want to do. And because we can only see this dimension and see things from our own point of view that is what we would do. And thus we would misuse the Power of God. And that is why we don't have it.

All we can do is to prepare ourselves for the day when we are able to see a bright new world and realise that we are infants in the Knowledge of God and that only with diligent study during this new dispensation will we, hopefully, attain the Wisdom of God and can then become Co-creators with the Universe!

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