Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peace ~ Tap your way to World Peace and help yourselves at the same time!

Everything we do; every action; every thought; makes a difference. Good or Positive thoughts raise Man's Consciousness and Bad or Negative thoughts lower it. Man is the collective Consciousness of the Universe in THIS plane on Planet Earth. Man's Consciousness is our Portal to Universal Intelligence. Think about Joining in and then Join in! Sign up at Advanced EFT Healing Starts now. .

New Moon and Full Moon will be our Power Tap for Peace/Meditate Days

Videos will remain open so you can do this when your ready on the day.

EFT'ers around the world pool constructive energy together for an unstoppable wave of positive change for healing humanity.

World Peace EFT Tap and Focus Events.

This Event is now on 32 sites, so power is mounting.

Everyone is welcome!

Add your light to our World Tap 4 Peace.

This is Open Time, any time come in on the 20th. of AUGUST NEW Moon.

Tap and Meditate for World Peace!

A Message from Marlene:

Why the Tap?

Now here is a way we can go deeper in the realm of helping the world. As it is said we actually have fear of our own power and this is why we stay small. This tapping to help you get past your doubts as a healer, your doubts as a spiritual being with immense power.
So I have added the tap to help release your doubts and increase your own power right before we do the meditation for world peace.

This event is on every new and full moon. Won’t you please go to the Event room and find the Tap and Meditate for world peace and join and invite your friends to join. I have this on 30 sites and if we all ban together we can have a huge impact in accelerating world peace.

I Love You

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