Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cell Phone Radiation

This, to me justifies my making Orgone Tower Busters that I have placed around my home. I believe that this is the way to go ~ to become an Orgone Warrior.

The next photo is of the one in my bedroom and the second photo shows the one one in my grand-daughter's room. They look attractive and also provide protection. After the video I have added a simple instruction video on how to make the Tower Busters.

This was sent to me by Dr Mercola.


  1. Intersting theories, but I can't play the Orgonite Instruction video`! We'd love to hear an up-date on the success of your Nano Garden.

  2. Way to go Rob. More and more as we step into the new space age that is upon us our technology is going to expand ultra rapidly - with it comes the responsibility of knowing how to prepare to protect ourselves NOW instead of many years from now when the all too familiar swan song rings out " IF only we had known then!" . We live in an age thirsting for information. We also live in an age that is racing ahead of us at an alarming rate. There is enough evidence now to show that cel phones need to be treated with respect and we need to arm ourselves to protect our bodies as much as we can. After all remember the old adage - "Prevention is better than the cure."