Monday, September 28, 2009

Right or wrong?

Over the past few weeks I have had two people ask that I remove them from my Mailing List. The first, A Catholic, stated that he does not "believe" in these things. I assumed this to be the "Conspiracy" information I post from time to time but then he posted an out of date story about weather control from the 1970's. So that wasn't it.

The next a couple of days ago is a Scientologist. Here is what she wrote:

"I am sorry but I have to ask you to remove me from your mailing list.

While I agree with your organic lifestyle and treating the earth well, as a Scientologist I cannot support your other ideas.

In Scientology one discovers truth for oneself. Truth is not to be found anywhere else especially in those who work for the anti-social suppressive - on purpose or inadvertently - by making the environment more dangerous than it is by the words they speak and putting people in terror with their views.

It is better to rise to total spiritual freedom than to look down into the depths of hell." (My emphasis.)

Now this is strange. When I was studying Scientology prior to being ex-communicated the instructors were adamant that there is no such place as hell. They were also adamant that I must not think for myself but MUST follow the teachings of the founder. This is from a site that analyses most religions.

"They deny the existence of heaven and hell, and they deny the concepts of original sin and salvations by grace. In Scientology (which espouses reincarnation), each person must save himself by ridding himself of destructive memories and experiences that he or she has brought into their current life."

I am not opposed to any set of beliefs. What I am opposed to is the belief that one has to belong to a set religion or church and that that you MUST follow without question the dogma set out by those who run that religion. This is merely the imposition of someone else's agenda upon the members.

So I will continue to put in to this Blog what I want and if anyone doesn't agree they can simply not bother to read it.

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