Thursday, December 17, 2009

What you BELIEVE is what you get!

I now have my laptop up and running, although it is not yet up to scratch. Drowning doesn't help any organism, does it?

Those of you who have followed this discussion must have realised that I am a great believer in the maxim that what anyone believes is what they will get. In fact I have mentioned this in quite a few of the discussions on this site. Nowhere is this more important than in today's world as it appears to be operating to those whose spiritual eyes are closed. However, it is not for me, or anyone else for that matter, to proscribe how others should behave or what they should believe. No-one knows everything! and no-one is infallible. That is my belief.

However, I also believe that all evidence and many of one's own experiences and beliefs should be placed in public view, contrary to the oft cited expression “What my religious views are is nothing to do with anyone else. Religion and politics are personal, etc.” I believe this for, if taken to its ultimate conclusion then the only people who have any following would be those few organised bodies and individuals who have written books and tomes and philosophical or political treatises over the millennia.

If one analyses what most people now believe, whether it is about Science, Education, Health, Religion, Politics, History, one finds that the ordinary person, who is not in the “know,” so to speak, has been manipulated and indoctrinated over the years to follow certain trends of thought. One only has to look at sports and fashions to see how this has been accomplished

As we get further into the Internet Age, during this period when the world thought is changing from one of Power at all costs to one of Ethics at all costs, we are seeing the spread of incredible truths, admittedly mingled with many untruths. We must, none of us, never fall into the trap that is there before us; the trap that makes all of us believe that only one way is the correct way; the trap that makes us embrace any one “-ism” whatever it is called.

In a Group "Origins of The so-called "White Races" in a Ning Network – All Nations, Tribes and Tongues - I have endeavoured to show what many people in the Western world believe is their birthright and how it has affected how the world has evolved politically and religiously. This information, that was initially obtained by me in the Sixties, will no-doubt attract others who will dispute it, missing the point that, whether it is true or not is immaterial, it is the BELIEF that counts.

The drowning of my Laptop, has interrupted that flow of information and I now have to take the time I already have taken, once again, to re-establish from my memory banks the data I had saved but not backed-up. Whether this was a spiritual interruption of whatever kind, to truncate this study, I cannot say, but it has served to give me an object lesson in computer and data safety.

I hope that all my readers will bear with me as I once again plough through the memory banks and get back on track.

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