Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice

This is one Winter Solstice I will remember. As someone who is used to the tropical heat of KwaZulu Natal and who dislikes the cold intensely these last two days were quite an adventure. Yesterday I walked down into the main Malls some 2 k's away to meet my youngest daughter. Then I went with shopping with her and finally ended up at her apartment watching South Africa just fail to beat the Poms at cricket. Sounds normal but for me it was very different for it was below freezing and there was snow everywhere. I caught the bus back but it was late and I froze waiting for it. Here are some photos.

Then today I went down by bus after overnight snow to finish the shopping. Had fish and chips for an early lunch and it started snowing again, this time intensely. I got back to the Mall and decided to buy a couple of things, came out and discovered a newly whitened world and NO BUSES. Apparently, the inhabitants of Mudd Island haven't figured out a system to cope with snow. Finally, after a long cup of cffee at an almost deserted restaurant - everywhere else was overcrowded - go figure - I managed to get a bus back home using the scenic route. Two hours later we made it it to within a couple of miles of home and I met a guy who turned out to be staying a few houses away from me. We took the plunge and jumped off the bus, trudging through the snow storm. For me very exciting but I guess everyone else was fed up. Perspective!!

Many people with suitcases going the other way to the station ~ then to Gatwick? Snowed in. I would be really peed off if I went to that effort and found my flight cancelled.

Here are a few more photos.

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