Saturday, January 02, 2010

Anastasia ~ Rebecca Marina and 2012

A slightly different Post this fine and frosty morning.

I have posted this but have a strange feeling as I thought about it and listened to it. I am not familiar with "channelling" and entering another's "energy field." My own experience is via "Reverie" or "Quantum Jumping" and when I do that I find that I get millions of pictures into my imagination. So many in fact that I could not begin to describe them in words; they would need too many. Whenever I read Anastasia's books I also get pictures in my mind and a sense of completeness. I have watched many of Rebecca's videos and listened to her live on a phone in. There is no doubt in my mind that she is a sincere person. Are her messages genuine? Watch this and see what you think. One point that stood out is the claim that "... even your political leader's are beginning to speak with a different tone." They aren't. And they are still controlled by others.

Also Rebecca has read only one book. I feel that she should wait until she has read them all. Also the fact that Anastasia calls her by name. The whole tape seems to me to be exactly the same as her Mother Asna tapes. Is this Anastasia or Rebecca speaking? You be your own judge.

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