Monday, January 25, 2010

Care2 ~ Activists who put animals above humans...

... they must do for they have sent out a PETITION to all of their 12,464,942 members with the exhortation

**Make the Chagos Islands the World's Largest Marine Reserve**

and have set up a petition to get the British Government to declare a reserve.

I have tried to contact them to protest but there seems no way on their site to do so. Please help me tell as many people as possible what is happening.

This is the Government that stole the islands from their inhabitants ~ the Chagos Islanders ~ to give it to the Americans to use as a naval and air base from which to bomb into submission the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and Iran. (Have I left anywhere out?)

It is here that the principal island, Diego Garcia, had been paved over by the American Military machine.

Have a look at this! Even the BBC, the Mainstream Media think it is despicable!

An extract from the BBC:

Islanders less important than tortoises

In the mid-1960s, the US was worried about possible Soviet expansion in the Indian Ocean and wanted a base in the region - but one without a "population problem" which might upset the base's operation.

In return, the US was willing to offer the UK an $11m subsidy on the Polaris submarine nuclear deterrent.

A memo from then Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart to Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson in 1969 admitted that the payment was kept secret from Parliament and the US Congress.

The Americans' first choice was the island of Aldabra, north of Madagascar.

Unfortunately, Aldabra was the breeding ground for rare giant tortoises, whose mating habits would probably be upset by the military activity and whose cause would be championed noisily by publicity-aware ecologists.

Look at this to get more information:The Chagos Islands

And this at The Guardian! By now something should be clear!

Thats right! The idea of turning the area into a Nature Reserve will appeal to the uninformed sheep who glibly believe they are doing their bit, when in reality they are simply acting on behalf of their War Mongering Masters!

Still not convinced ~ Watch these from John Pilger.

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    now I understand...I did not get this first, and will read it all...thank you for informing me.