Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I corrected my Eye Sight using Pinhole Glasses

When I was in Belize last year I travelled by bus from Belize City to Corozal. As is usual in Belize I arranged for the bus driver to drop me off right in front of my hotel, the Hotel Maya. As I walked across the road to the hotel I realised that I had lost one of the lenses of my Photo grey prescription spectacles. Too late, the bus was on the way to Mexico and I was unable to catch it up!

Upon my return to England I went into the Opticians who had made the lens to get a replacement. That company refused as, they said, it is the law that I have to have a new test because the old one was more than 24 months before. This is absolute nonsense but Specsavers were adamant. In a fit of umbrage I decided to look around for an alternative. I had heard of Pinhole Spectacles when I lived in South Africa.

I found a pair at J D HARRIS Pinhole Glasses.

After wearing them every day for only 20 to 30 minutes within, literally, two weeks I no longer needed spectacles to drive or watch TV. Standing at the Bus Stop one day a couple of weeks ago I saw my bus coming, identified by the number 2 on the front. I jumped up and said, "Here we go." Another chap there, who looked half my age, laughed, until the bus came into range of HIS eyesight. Then he asked, "How can you have such perfect vision?" I haven't worn any prescription glasses for 15 months now. I still have a problem seeing tiny print in poor light but that is all.

Here are extracts from their site shown above.

Pinhole glasses - like sunglasses with a grid of tiny holes - are a cheap and easy way to help correct poor vision permanently when worn for only 15 minutes a day and they only cost £10 - the cheapest price on the web. They also help reduce heart-rate, headaches and tension.
How they work
When you look at a blurred object your brain moves the focus of the eye in and out until it gets an increase in contrast. If no increase is achieved your brain leaves the object unfocused. Pinholes improve the sharpness of the image, allowing your brain to find the point of focus. During this process the focusing muscles of the eye are getting used more and this regular exercise helps your eyes’ focusing system.

JD Harris pinhole glasses help your eyes focus and in so doing exercise tired eye muscles. In turn your eye’s focussing ability improves.

Exercise your eyes while you read or watch TV
Long-sighted people can do this exercise while focusing close up – doing things like reading. Short-sighted people get the benefit from focusing at a distance, eg. Watching TV
15 minutes a day
The major cause of the long-sightedness that comes with advancing years is a weakening of the focusing muscles that control the eye’s lens. Looking through the tiny holes forces the eye muscles to exercise. Just 15-20 minutes a day bring a noticeable improvement within a couple of weeks.

Have a look here ~ J D Harris  

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