Friday, January 29, 2010

We have reached critical mass!

I have finished the first writing of my book ~ Talking Drums of Belize.  Those who follow my posts will know that I use Quantum Jumping to do the actual inspiration, all I have to do is to "tell the story" as I see it.

This is an amazing experience.

Two nights ago I did my usual Jump to get the Epilogue written. Yesterday I then tried to write what I saw.

For the first time this didn't happen but I did see again what had been shown to me during the night.

I was in a cavern deep in the Mayan Mountains and I realized, for the first time ever I think, that for all my studies over the past forty years, today I "know" absolutely nothing. Sure I have done some things in my life that many people never experience, have met people who are world leaders in their field, and traveled to some pretty wonderful places. But in real terms these pale into insignificance when weighed against the fact that almost everything I have learned over the years has come from the mind of someone else.

I do not KNOW that the god of the Bible exists; I do not KNOW that he doesn't. I do not KNOW that Man originated in Africa; I do not KNOW that he didn't. I do not KNOW that the Christian Savior was born and died; I do not KNOW that he didn't. I do not KNOW that there are extra-terrestrials here on this plane; I do not KNOW that there aren't.

In fact even the "facts" and ideas that have come to me with increasing regularity at times when I have been in a state of reverie, are simply matters of belief. My Quantum Jumping gives me inspiration for skills and enables me to learn things quickly but I do not KNOW that it comes from within me or from without.

And yet I do not doubt that the guidance I have been privileged to receive over the years is correct. Why is that?

In this "vision" or "dream" or "creative imagining," however one wishes to describe it, I and my better half - my feminine counterpart, not a soul mate but one step on from that, soared through a bright shining light outwards and up into the far reaches of the Universe. Try and describe THAT in writing! And then came the KNOWLEDGE. Once again, not a belief but one step on from that, that Man (humankind/male/female. the perfect being created in the image of the Creator of the Universe) had passed through the furnace of his own making and that the Creator, who in His Infinite Wisdom gave to Man the unconditional power of self determination, has restrained from interfering in Man's affairs but allowed him to take the plan he originated millennia ago to so subjugate the majority of Man to the will of the minority that the Creator, to save Man would have to interfere if Man was to be saved, thus proving that certain Man (the leaders, the men who believed themselves superior to the Creator) were superior to the Creator and should therefore rule the Universe in his stead.

Thus the Creator has shown that he is indeed superior to Man, even though Man was created in His image and was therefore perfect. The plans laid by the Man who proclaimed themselves rulers have become self-sustaining and totally out of control.

Thus it would seem to us, who have lost the ability to think as quickly and as deeply as the Creator that we once had, that Man and this Earth as we see it in our blinkered state is doomed.

Then, as I, the two of us, linked for all eternity, traveled into infinity, in my "dream," my "vision" or in my "creative imagination" call it what you will came the KNOWLEDGE that Man, as co-creator with the Creator of the Universe, will change the course of the Earth and Man's story on the Earth, simply by the power of his thought.

Many, many people need to "Dream," "Envision" or "Imagine" a future based not on what they perceive today but on what the Earth and Universe should be like, what, indeed it was like at the time of its pristine beginnings. Not the vain imaginings of the scientists who teach our children in universities but what each of us can see if only we would look inside ourselves.

And then came the Earth shattering realization that the numbers of people already doing that dreaming, envisioning or imagining are vast, so vast, in fact, that at some time in the past short while that number reached "Critical Mass" ~ the point when an idea gathers such momentum that nothing can stop it.

So! Take no heed from what you perceive to be the current situation. Have empathy with the people of Haiti, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Chagos Islands, Yemen et al. But do not become worn down by that empathy. We all are on our own path, our own road into the future, or rather BACK to the Creator of the Universe whom we have, in our blinkered state, forgotten.

The veils of the Universe are parting and soon,very soon, we will see a change and the outlook will be so bright that we will all forget the darkness of the past few thousand years.

Each of us is a spark of energy, a spark that can never be extinguished. Man HAS to go through this period to purify his thoughts and soul. The external manifestation of Man's thoughts that we see through our blinkered vision is but the death throes of the beast created by Man that has and is devouring the innocent children of Man in its attempts to stay in control.

It will NOT succeed, for Man is now back in control of his own destiny by the power vested in him and his thoughts by the Wisdom of Our Creator.

In La Ke'ch!  I am another You, You are another Me! Thank you for reading what I write.

This is an inspiring song from Les Miserables! The barricades referred to are the ones we have and hold in our minds. Allow your heart to conquer that barricade. Listen to and read the words.


  1. Hello Fellow Quantum Jumper! I found your comment on Burt Goldman's site and decided to stop by. Interesting writing - and interesting because so many of us are writing about the same subject - meaning God, our Creator - I actually received an inspirational message about how it all began, which I will post on my blog - eventually. I've just set up my site and haven't gotten much past that! I always admire those that have gotten set up and going. :)

    I, too, am using my QJ experiences for a book, but my book will be a bit more fictional, due to the subject matter - "aliens," time and dimension travel, etc. The best part is I am the ruler of the planet and this particular Universe. :)

    Will return to see what else you here - seems interesting. Love the slideshows....

    All my best,

  2. Thanks Marilyn, Please post your Blog details here when you are comfortable. I am also setting up what I hope will be a new author's markeiting site. Here is one ~ have a look.

  3. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Hi Rob!
    It's being a pleasure to know you and I'm glad you post your blog address (on Burt's site), so we could discover you.

    We must have all the same affinities in spite of all our differences...In fact we are all ONE!

    Please continue're so good at expressing your thoughts, feelings...

    Have a great day every day!


  4. Thoughts do have weight. Thanks for posting. can't wait to read your book~! love, ~B~