Sunday, February 21, 2010

Press Release!

Press Release
Basingstoke, England.
21st February 2010.

Books by Ralpapajan is pleased to announce that Ralpapajan's latest book, Talking Drums of Belize has been published though Lulu.Com and is now available at Ralpapajan's Lulu Storefront. It will soon also available through Amazon.Com.

As the title suggests Talking Drums of Belize is set in that country. It is a Romantic Thriller and tells the story of a young female journalist who is sent to the Central American country to do research for a Community Development Foundation. En route she meets a young American Special Forces soldier who has recently left the forces after serving ten years almost continually in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

He is a battle weary veteran and she is an innocent abroad from a sheltered background. At first glance she appears unfit for the tasks assigned her. The book explains how two people from diverse backgrounds can find common ground and can change their philosophy when living in the right environment. The book also explores the history of a fascinating country, its hopes and aspirations and the social problems that are inhibiting its growth.

“When young Patricia Parker went down to London to answer an advertisement for a job in the capital, she never thought that she would instead accept a very different kind of assignment that would take her to Central America from a stranger she met at her hotel.

Neither did she expect to meet and fall in love with the handsome, dashing ex-soldier from America.

And who was the young girl who was so similar to her that they could be twins?

What is the secret of the Obeahman who influenced her life but whom she never seemed to meet?

Would she have accepted the assignment if she had known in advance what was to befall her in this beautiful part of the world?

Did she ever find out the secrets that could change her life forever?

The answers are all contained within this book.”

Talking Drums of Belize is available from Ralpapajans Store at Lulu.Com and will soon be available on Amazon.Com.

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  1. Congratulations, Rob! It sounds like an awesome story!
    I wish for you all Brightest Blessings as ever may be. 'An it harm none, Blessed Be. :)
    ToniAyniaNightFish (your friend from All Tribes Nations Tongues)...