Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trial by Newspaper!

This is one sign of the complete domination of the Main Stream Media over events that occur. The immediate assumption by millions of Sports Lovers or Pakistan Haters world wide that the News of the World and the man at the centre of the Match fixing scandal in the world of cricket are correct; and that the 4 players he names after receiving £150 000 from a newspaper that is at best, in my opinion, a rag are guilty.

What happened to that much touted, especially by the British, precept "Innocent until proven guilty"?

What happened to the similar allegations levelled by the same newspaper against Snooker Champion John Higgins? That episode seems to have disappeared into the woodwork. What happened to the morality of what is claimed, by themselves of course, the finest and most unbiased newspapers and broadcasters in the world?

This, to me, is yet another episode of a Main Stream Media that is controlled by a few oligarchs showing off their power to indicate to people that THEY are all-powerful, whilst at the same time, keeping the minds of the public off the real news, the important news that effects us all.

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