Monday, November 29, 2010

Ann Widdecombe on Strictly Come Dancing ~ UK

Each year the BBC trot out the Show ~ Strictly Come Dancing ~ where, just as in America's Dancing with the Stars, they take a dozen "celebrities" ~ sportsmen and women, actors, actresses and others, and with some very talented Professional Trainers try to turn them in a few short weeks into accomplished Ballroom and Latin American dancers. The show has been going on for some years now and viewing figures have dropped drastically during that time.

Usually the producers invite a few people who simply do not have either the ability or the body to become a dancer, thus, it seems to me, allowing someone to be kicked out early and someone to be laughed AT.

This year there were a couple of Sportsmen ~ one past his prime and the other a shy introvert. There were also three ladies almost as old as I with two of them being grand-mothers.

Predictably the retired sportsman fell an an early hurdle. The other could be playing for his country in the not too distant future and, due to his physique, exposed as often as possible, has acquired a large fan base.

The two grand-mothers astounded everyone with one doing the splits and the other making younger competitors look almost moribund. The first video shows Pamela - a week before her 61st birthday - doing the Charleston.

Now I come to the third lady ~ retired Government Cabinet Minister Ann Widdecombe.

And here is the interesting part. Ann cannot dance. Ann is the wrong shape. Ann is not young and glamorous but Ann has raised the numbers of those viewing Strictly to nearly 13 million. Was this what the BBC wanted when they invited her? Judging by the comments from the head judge, Len Goodman, it was not. Unlike a prior similar figure ~ John Sargeant ~ who was just as bad a dancer and who left because he thought he might win, Ann has vowed to go all out for victory. Week after week the viewers vote her on.

You see Ann has the ordinary people of the country ~ apart from those few "Dancing Aficionados" who actually believe that this is a Dancing Competition rather than an item of Entertainment- something it tends to have lost in latter years ~ watching her and laughing WITH her. Every week we see the dancing wannabes working like mad and dancing their hearts out to gain the coverted trophy and doing so extremely well. But when it comes to the Ann Widdecombe dance you anticipate a great deal more ~ you expect to laugh!

For here is a couple of minutes of old fashioned good clean fun. No smut. No "raunchy" half naked female bodies (and male) being exposed accompanied by salacious "bumps and grounds" at peak viewing time as an example to the young girls and boys who watch the show of how to behave.

Just fun. Watch these three videos and see what you think.


  1. Penny van Heerden12:24 AM

    Such good fun. Keep us posted on whether she wins in the end.

  2. So that's how they clean those floors.

    Sorry, you can add that to sports as something I have absolutely no interest in :)