Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ko'ox tun ~ Let us get going ~ at last! The year ahead.

Ever since I visited Belize I started changing my own consciousness and ideas for living. That was four years ago and much water has flowed beneath the bridge. I wrote my book Beacon of Hope, dealing with the Toledo Province of Belize and the Peoples Eco Park Plan, formulated by the people of the Province. The precepts I learned about whilst writing that book set the tone for later ideas and these have been developing apace.
Since my last visit the world has apparently changed and, of course, our perception of the world had also changed.
The past four years have been accompanied by an immense learning curve by all of us involved in what I call the Ko'ox Tun Project though it is being developed under another name in Australia. Much of what I have been doing is to establish a web presence for both my pseudonym, Ralpapajan, and the phrase Ko'ox Tun. This latter phrase is pronounced “kush tun” and means, literally, “Let's get going.”
It has long been my belief that all of us must change our consciousness, must rely on our own instincts and ideas rather than rely on an outside source to solve our problems, or rather, to meet our challenges. The consciousness of abundance of whatever nature must precede the manifestation of that abundance.
The new Gregorian year of 2011 is almost upon us. The Mayan Calendars in their cycles reveal to us that the Shift of the Ages, will shortly occur. This has been misrepresented by many, especially the Hollywood film industry and the Main Stream Media as a harbinger of doom. In their normal way the money makers, the multi-nationals etc. are manipulating the thoughts of Man by using fear as the motive to buy their products, to fall in line with their ideas, and so on.
We cannot change anyone's ideas other than our own. We can only show how we have changed our thoughts and tell people what those thoughts are. This will be the thrust of this Blog from now onwards.
I am currently working on a series of articles ready for publication on and after the 1st January that fits in with my own new direction. I hope that everyone keeps on reading here.


  1. Your introductory will have me following the rest of your interesting and relevent issues concerning thought, the new age and how those with economic power continually work to influence man's thoughts from reality.

    Thank you,

  2. Thank you. I hope that I live up to your expectations! Kindest regards for Gregorian 2011, Rob