Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Spotlight shines on "Help Save Bees"

Today I am turning the Spotlight onto this site first for it is from here that I found a route to another site that I will expand on in my next article.
Save the Bees was compiled by and is run by Damian Grounds who set up the site after reading about the plight of the bee in the Sunday Times Magazine. It is designed to help raise Everyman's awareness on the plight of British Bees. It also highlights the simple things that everyone in Britain can do to help just a little bit by establishing a better habitat that will sustain the bee.
Although obviously directed at the British public the information contained therein and also generated by the organisation it supports may be used in any country of the world: for the bee is vital all over the world; from Peru to Bosnia, from Oregon to Japan and from Denmark to South Africa.
In the site there are “10 Things YOU can do to help save bees.” Each of these is linked to other sites that expand on the idea. It is intended that each of these will be featured in due course by articles that will publicise them and the work they do.
Almost all of what I am writing about has already been worked on by experts in their field and by men such as Damian who can see the benefits to mankind of raising the awareness of people to the plight of the bees and, even more important, providing solutions. I am in no way trying to steal their thunder, I am in fact hoping that my small contribution will allow that thunder to reverberate around the globe.
Rather than wait for my future articles why not go here now Help Save Bees
Anything that YOU can do where you live will help. And why not broadcast this to all your friends?

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