Monday, September 03, 2012

A Walk Around the Cayo District, Belize, CA

This is one of the hinterland Districts of Belize.  It is a wonderful place to visit. And hosts a variety of ruins.  As I walked around more than using taxis and buses I concentrated on Xunanatunich near San Jose Succotz not far from the Guatemala Border.  It was close enough for me to walk, though it dis take most of the day.

I stayed at the Trek Stop Inn and this is not for everyone.  In fact it reminded me of my home in Rhodesia (Now Zimababwe) and of months spent on Call up at Forward Air Bases.  There was no air conditioning though this is not a discomfort for me.  See here for the Trek Stop

The setting is amazing and the flora and fauna is mind boggling.  On one walk - sans camera - I saw a boa constrictor on the path ahead.  I went back and was told that it was 'friendly'. There is a Butterfly Farm or Enclosure at the Trek Stop and John - who runs the Inn with his wife, Judy and Tino is an expert. 

(As a tip - Take some good pipe tobacco for John and he will be your pal for life!)

The Restaurant at the Trek Stop was really good and the staff very friendly.  I am a picky eater and they were happy to cater for my idiosyncrasies.  

There is also a Resource Centre and free WiFi.  I could have stayed for a month!  

Certainly on my next trip to Belize I will be visiting there again.

For my poor photographic record of the stay have a look 

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