Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20 August 2013 Today's Headlines 3

This all revolves around the American Whistleblower ~ Edward Snowden. No doubt to most people around the world this is a well known name.  It seems to me that the degree of panic amongst Governments is intensifying.  We have already see how the States forced European countries to ban the over flight of a plane carrying a senior government official from South America.  Now, it seems, the hassling of reporters who have any connection to the man is being carried out.  A Brazilian reporter in transit to Brazil at Heathrow was detained in this land of Freedom. Here are the links to read.

Yahoo! News  Canada

The Guardian Britain

This ongoing Saga is interesting for it shows the degree of discomfort of Politicians over what has been revealed.  It is also making people more and more interested in what else their 'representatives' are concealing from them.               

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