Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20 August 2013 ~ Today's Headlines in UK

The Anti-Fracking Saga continues.

For those who don't know what fracking is ~ no it isn't a swear word though it could be used as one ~ here is a site defining it

"A slang term for hydraulic fracturing. Fracking refers to the procedure of creating fractures in rocks and rock formations by injecting fluid into cracks to force them further open. The larger fissures allow more oil and gas to flow out of the formation and into the wellbore, from where it can be extracted."

They want to 'Frack' in Balcombe ~  a village and civil parish in the Mid Sussex district of West Sussex, England. It lies 31 miles south of London, 16 miles north of Brighton, and 32 miles east north east of the county town of Chichester.  

The villagers do not want that to happen.  In the mistaken belief that the Government represents 'We... the People' they have protested as is their democratic right.  Not protected by any Constitution for Britain doesn't have such a thing. 

Accompanied by a sitting Member of Parliament demonstrators expressed their opinions, quite forcibly. The Boys in Blue reacted as dictated by their masters and arrested some of them ~ including the MP, one Caroline Lucas. 

The full BBC Story - relegated on the web after a few hours to a page so deep I had difficulty finding it - may be FOUND HERE

This is Britain we are talking about - Champion of Freedom - Land of Hope and Glory!

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