Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hope for the Future

There is so much Gloom and Doom around. 

There shouldn't be. So what if there is war and chaos and death and destruction in all the newspapers and the TV programs and radio shows and so on.  If we esch raise our own consciousness and concentrate instead on all that is beautiful in the world then as surely as night follows day and the Light of a new Dawn follows the dark the world will become a more beautiful place to live.

We sit and enjoy the benefits of Technology and all that it has given us.  I would love everyone to look around them and show appreciation for the Universe and what has been created. 

Think to yourselves what do I really love? 

What makes MY life worth living?

It could be the beauty of the Countryside in Autumn such as is shown in my Picasa Album

Fall in Takayama, Japan

Or it could be the realisation that people such as Nikola Tesla existed and showed us how we could live comfortably.

Did you know, for instance, that he has plus 700 patents in his name?

Want to know more? Then go here

Ralpapajan's Article on Wizzley "Nikola Tesla ~ Serbian Genius"

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