Thursday, August 08, 2013

My new Photo Blog is up and running.

Ralpapajan's Fun with Photos ~ Touch a Button ~ Touch a Heart is now live.

The purpose of this Site is to showcase just how good the Compact Digital Cameras are when compared to the other three main types of camera.  These are the old 'Point and Shoot' ~ now almost replaced by the cameras in the Mobile or Cell phones; the Bridge Camera that looks like a DSLR; the DSLR, or Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera, itself. 

The Compact Digital has the capability of the Bridge Camera with the size of the point and shoot.  I use a Sony HX9V and obviously most of the photos shown will be from that camera.  However, I have already put up examples from other cameras.

My aim here is to show people that it is the photographer BEHIND the camera that counts not the camera itself.  

I will not be teaching anyone how to take photographs, merely showing what an amateur may accomplish. 

Likewise I will be showing the results of a variety of Digital Editing and Enhancement programs - both online and ones that need to be downloaded.  I hope that everyone who takes the trouble to look at the site will find something of interest.

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