Monday, August 19, 2013

National Service...

...provisions for slavery.

Hidden beneath the facade of National Security blah blah blah that the Sheeple will undoubtedly blather on about citing no doubt their own experiences.  "It didn't do me any harm." "It will give them some back-bone." "They'll learn how to respect the country." and so on and so on.

Britons have, since time immemorial (1199) and before been subjected to a form of National Service though most do not recognise this.  Think on it and you will see that the monarchs and leaders of the past have always used the peasant class to fight their wars, tend their crops  and provide them with the comforts of life. Today it is no different.

Though today the peasants are no longer called that they are now a free people who can live where they like and do what they want.  As long as they do what their masters decide for them, of course, but no doubt the Sheeple will actually believe that.  Just as they believe that wars in foreign lands are to protect the country from harm and not to serve the Banksters and Multi-nationals  that control all trade, industry and finance.

If you want your kids to be trained as killers, brain washed into a mind set that supports the evil that is today's government then do nothing about this insidious attempt by an MP Philip Hollobone of Kettering to subvert the freedom of Britons once again.

National Service Bill 2013-14

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