Friday, June 20, 2014

The Middle East

Map of the Middle East showing Military Bases set up by the West

Whilst in the Rhodesian Air Force I was Training Officer for 108 (Field) Squadron.  As such I received many training and other films from Israel, sent over by the Israeli Defence Ministry.  These I showed to Squadron Members on Training Nights.  They left me with an almost insatiable interest in the Middle East - where my father served in Egypt, Palestine and Iraq with the Royal Navy.  I still have very old faded photographs of that area.

Dad also met D H Lawrence and serviced his Brough Superior Motor Cycle.  Coupled with my lectures to various organisations on, in particular, the Old Testament this fed my appetite for information.  Today I still study the area.

Recently, in Canada, I was given the book Lawrence IN Arabia ~ the book written by renowned author Scott Anderson.  It chronicles a gripping analysis of Lawrence himself and the intrigues and betrayals that have made the area the hot bed of hate that it is today.

After reading the book one will find him/herself at odds with the Western Government and Zionist Propaganda that is the norm in the Main Stream Media today.

I am not going to detail anything here ~ just do the research and get a copy.  

Lawrence IN Arabia by Scott Lawrence

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Go behind the Propaganda ~ look for the truth.  Ignore the indoctrination from your Church about the Zionists right to be in Israel and see what lies have been told to you.

The Maps Tell the Story 

Iraq Land of Peace and Plenty Just look.

Before the Diaspora Take the Trouble to look at this site

Above all make the decision to get to the truth no matter where it takes you and what ingrained beliefs you will need to shed.

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