Friday, February 15, 2008

Conch for dinner

Writing a Blog - especially a private one can be like pouring water down a mineshaft. You know there is a bottom but you can never hear the water get to it. Here I write and post photos but get no response from anyone. But I keep on keeping on.

Last night, it being Valentines Day and I am theoretically in a romantic haven, I decided to spoil myself and have a conch dinner for the first time. It was quite tasty. I prefer the fish from South Africa such as hake or butterfish, even snoek if it is done correctly, but it was OK. Well cooked.

I booked into the Mahung Guest House in PG from the the 6th to the 9th. That will give me a day or so to look around.

On Monday I met Selena, a young local girl, and her boy friend. Today I was talking to her over coffee at the lcal watering hole and she has offered to look at becoming a partner in a farm growing vegetables, with particular emphasis on my system. It is near PG. So, provided the money boys come to the party I should be able to get something organised.

The watering hole, as I call it, is quite fascinating. BZ$2 for a cup of coffee. Use the same mug and that goes down to BZ$1 for any more, want it washed or a new one and it's BZ$2 again. Local grown coffee. Very tasty. A couple of slices of toast - buttered, you have no choice, is BZ$3. Bagels are advertised but they haven't had any for over 6 months! They leave the chalked sign up in case one day they get some more.

Today the owner, Paul, decided to go fishing. Apparently the first time ever. So he went. His girl always takes the kids to school. So she went. The money left in the tin. Shop open and computers - he operates an internet cafe and repairs computers - all left lying around. A customer came in for her laptop - irreparable - so one of the customers gave it to her. Someone came in to the IT Cafe so another customer set her up. Someone wanted a cup of coffee to go, a third customer filled the order and took the cash and gave change. Very relaxed.

I went for a long walk last night. The smells, the beach front restaurants and the colour of the sea reminded me of Beira around the Miramar when I went for a walk with Carmen Rosario and her big brother had to come along as chaperone. What was the name of that pub we used to drink at and eat prawns and chicken livers in chilli sauce, right on the beach? This was just the same. I don't know about the free offerings. And can anybody match the Mozambique Portuguese style cooking?

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  1. Hi Rob - some really lovely photos. It looks typically Caribbean, very laid back man! As for your notes about the government - it makes no difference which continent "they" are on does it?

    We get the impression that you are living very cheaply there. I expect the heat kills off one's appetite so it's easier to lose weight.

    We're just wondering what is the cheapest way of getting there? We've often thought about going but it seems a bit complicated. Let us know - who knows, we may surprise you with a visit one day! Not this year though, we are going to Canada and USA later this year.

    Not sure what the bits and pieces at the bottom of this are all about so I hope this reaches you OK.

    Hope you continue to enjoy life there and hope your scheme comes to fruition.

    Fond regards,
    Jane and Tom.