Saturday, February 16, 2008

El stupido! I disallowed Comments and then moaned that no-one Commented!

Feeling nostalgic this evening. Went for a long walk along the beach. My foot and leg are getting stronger every day. Then I sat and had a Belikin stout whilst sitting in the moonlight, looking at the velvet sky sprinkled with pinpoints of stars. Similar to Mozambique 3M black beer. I automatically looked for the Southern Cross and the Lighthouse at Beira. They weren't there but Jim Reeves on the computer; a fresh wind blowing off the sea; that distinctive ozone smell; the distant sounds of celebrations at a bar; a couple of stray dogs wanting fuss; all reminded me of years gone by, when I was young and life was an adventure stretching out into the hazy future. One memory that came unbidden was of a night and early morning when we all - me and the kids - lay on Twini Beach watching Halley's Comet. We were there until half past two in the morning. I wonder if they remember?

Overall, I feel more happy and relaxed than I have in years - there's something about this country that brings out the best in me.


  1. It is very difficult to reply to this... I went to work and rode home. Umm, not snowing, but close to 0C because the sidewalks were slushy.

    Oh and Josie had her bike stolen from outside Sears on Monday - they broke her lock.

    So are you saying you prefer SA fish in general, or just prefer it to conch? Josie doesn't really know how to cook fish, so we don't get it very often.

    Yup, I remember looking through the binoculars at the fuzzy blob :-)

  2. I prefer SA fish to conch. I like Belizean fish. The way it is cooked is good. When I had it this trip the waitress told me, when I asked her what type it was: "Out of the water."

    Bad luck about Josie's bike.

    That "blob" was a sight I will never see again!!