Tuesday, March 04, 2008


This was taken about two thirds of the way up the main building at Xunantunich Maya Archaeological site. I suffer from vertigo and about here I started feeling, shall we say, unsure of myself. OK, well I was actually scared stiff. I prevailed upon a descending American to take my photo so that the family would know what I looke like just prior to plummeting 10 000 feet to the valley below. David, my new friend the guide in partnership at Larry's camp, told me that Tikal in Guatemala makes this site look like a pimple, so I am sending daughter, Jacquie, who just loves heights to such an extent she plays on the Bank Street Escalators - the highest escalators on the London Underground System (The Tube to pommie visitors or subways to the gringos from USA) - up there to take photos for me. I will soon be posting MY photos of the site, complete with hand shake. And also the URL where you can see professional pictures.

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  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    you are looking Great dad, You must be happy and relaxed.
    Love you