Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Some large unidentified flying bird, that looks to me like a kite. Notice how steady the hand is. Of course this was before the ascent.

These two Mexican ladies told me in fluent Spanish that if I didn't take their photograph they would never forgive me. At least that is what I think they said.

From the first level, I was crouching, trembling behind a low 4 feet high wall, on full zoom, this is what they looked like.

This is a stellae. It looks very big and heavy and is about 1/4 or less than the ones that are shown on Kraig and Barbara's blog. They were carved using stone implements. British loggers in the 15 and 1600's destroyed many of these artifacts by dropping trees on them. Err, I must haste to add, not deliberately, they weren't interested in them and they happened to be on the way. Of course, they hadn't actually picked them up, they were chopping them down. The trees that is.

This is the citadel I refer to. The photo taken looking down was from the wall at the top of the steps on the right.

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