Monday, April 21, 2008

The latest Gumbo Limbo of Belize!


I am now a Gumbo limbo.

I have had aroma problems ever since I did the detox. Swollen glands and sweet smelling but ugghy perspiration.

Nothing helped, not even a shower every half hour. Within minutes I was back to abnormal. Do not recommend drugs to anyone. Getting them out of the system is hell. My body doesn't seem to care that I didn't put them there. Of course, all the drugs from the Drug Peddlers of Britain (aka Doctors of Medicine) for my leg and BP treatment probably were also released!

Anyway, on Sunday son Paul suggested that I spend an hour in the Caribbean. Maybe the salt water would help. So I did and it did!

Only snag is that the son (edit for son read sun, or did he, just because it is only 8c there in the frozen north? And this was a Freudian slip?) decided I looked far better as a boiled lobster!

So now I am officially a Gumbo Limbo!

For those not in the know - the Gumbo limbo tree in Belize has a bright red bark and is always peeling. Also known as a Tourist Tree for obvious reasons. I haven't started peeling and hope to avoid that by liberal libations of coconut oil and aloe vera. At least there is no pain!

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