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Anastasia and Ko'ox Tun

Thoughts from Anastasia

Monday 27 April 2009

I have read the first two books in the series of 9. Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars of Russia. It took me three days whereas normally books of that size would take me a couple of hours each. Such is the depth of inspiration contained within the books. Anastasia states that she is writing only to people who believe in her. She also states that there will be phrases that contain far more than is apparent in the words themselves.
The second book I finished in several sessions yesterday afternoon. It was a wonderful day with puffy white, cotton-wool clouds dotted around a beautiful blue sky; contrasting to the mucky grey skies with intermittent patches of blue that were prevalent during the week after the morning sunshine had been destroyed by pollution. The only airplanes I saw were not spewing chemtrails into the atmosphere; so the sky remained blue.
The sun in the afternoon shines directly through my window and my bed has become a favourite haunt for the cat; a stray that adopted my daughter a couple of years ago when she (the cat) was on her last legs and starving due to her bad teeth. I joined her on the bed and lay in the sun to read the last few chapters.
A strange thing occurred. Each time I read something a memory flashed through my mind and I went into a type of reverie. During these moments and after I had read the final chapter, I heard a voice in my head and saw a glade or clearing inside a forest. Now, this could be the product of an over active imagination. However, I care not what people think anymore, and will write down here what came to me, although the words I heard are outside my grasp now.
The first memory that came to me was sparked by the references to Celts and Druids. In the 1970's I I studied as best I could all about Druids, there ways and their ideas. For example, they had Universities. There were no written lessons or notes. Students simply studied until they knew the subject and once they knew it, there was no need to write anything down.
It became obvious that most of what I could find in libraries and book shops was incredibly prejudiced. Most of the writing was not in fact a study of the Druids but was a study of what Julius Caesar wrote about the Druids. This is the norm for historians and so-called scholars even to this day. One only has to read the authoritative books written today about the Second World War to understand that historians study and quote other historians and therefore only put out a similar story. Many of them cannot even speak or read German!
In my own country the journalists and other “unbiased investigators” came to the country with their ideas already programmed in. They were not there to ascertain the facts, they were there to find evidence to support pre-conceived ideas. The same was true of the Romans in Britain. They were there to conquer and subdue the local people. They had their own gods and religion, their own culture, education system and ideas. Thus, when they came across the local religion, the Druids, they had to destroy it. So, when Caesar wrote about them he wrote what was in fact a justification of their destruction. This is similar in concept to the destruction of the Mayan people and religion, when the catholic forces of the King of Spain landed in what is now called Mexico.
In Britain the Romans were aided by the fact that the Druids did not write their ideas and knowledge down. In Anahuac, the Spanish were aided by the belief that a Mayan god was to arrive at about the time of the conquest. Both had the same result. The incredible wealth of knowledge and the communication with God that was possible by both at that time, was lost to the peoples of the world.
So it was that my studies were not that deep. The Druids were supposed to worship trees and I believed that in fact they were able to communicate with the Universe and receive knowledge from the Universal mind through trees. Since those days I have always had an affinity with trees and believe that they should never be cut down unless absolutely necessary. In those circumstances they should be apologised to.
As an aside, I sold my house in Amanzimtoti to a man with the proviso that all my trees be retained. I had developed a nano-rainforest complete with mist sprayers that operated at the turn of a tap. We had 30 plus species of birds, 6 plus varieties of snakes, bats, the endangered Giant Natal Snail, a mongoose family and a troop of monkeys all living either on our land or in close proximity, and who were frequent visitors. New neighbours thought that we had an aviary because the birds were so prolific and invited friends around for out door lunches or tea to sit and watch the bird life!
The new buyer reneged on the contract and, much to my dismay, cut down my beloved trees, about 40 all told. I explained to him that the trees have souls and that he was destined for problems, but he laughed at me and told everyone I was crazy. Shortly afterwards he went to the local catholic church and started trimming back the overgrown branches of trees there. The next time I saw him he was walking around very painfully and had his arm in a sling. A branch had fallen unexpectedly and broke his arm, collar bone plus some ribs. He had been in hospital for several days and still walked painfully the last time I saw him a couple of years later.
In 1975, I think it was, I was called by the air force to take over the newly built Forward Air Field at Mount Darwin, in the north of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). The airstrip had a tarmac runway and wooden buildings had been built. It was till very new and the paths between building had just been laid out. I was fortunate indeed to have a gardener par excellence stationed there with me. We decided that the Airfield need not be a desolate spot and as many men would be stationed there over the next few years we would make it as hospitable as possible. With this in mind we transplanted many indigenous flowering shrubs and bulbs and he landscaped the area amongst the buildings.
The path from the Operations Room to the Mess, which would be used by visiting dignitaries, it being used as a debriefing room as well, was paved. The quadrangle between the Mess and the building in front of it was a bare piece of ground and here it was decided to place shade trees to provide a cool spot in the heat of the day. I was fortunate for my gardener's family owned the biggest plant nursery in the country. He asked me what my favourite tree was an I told him the the tree used in Kenya and known to us as the “Kenya Coffee Tree,” was probably the one I would plump for, the Jacaranda and Flamboyant being very slow growers.
Within a few days eight trees about 1.5 meter high were delivered, free of charge. They were duly planted, two in the quadrangle and three on each side of the path. Jeremy finished his call-up and went home, leaving behind a beautiful garden.
My own sojourns at FAF 4 were limited to either 7 or 14 days a couple of times a year and each time I visited “my” trees I would talk to them, ensure they were watered and generally look after them.
On one occasion a couple of days before I was due to return home a new Senior NCO arrived to run the security. The existing guards, in a spirit of fun, (I hope) told him that I was crazy and that I talked to trees. I had mentioned Druidism and they told him that I was, indeed, a Druid. He took the whole thing seriously and was relieved that I was going two days later. Joining with the youngsters we decided to play a joke on the NCO and I concocted a set of Standing Orders for him, had them typed by my telegraphist, and placed them on the Notice Board, where such sets of orders were pinned for easy reference.
These orders included instructions to the NCO to treat 5 of the 8 trees as I had been doing. All 8 were to be watered equally, but the 5 were to be spoken to in a soothing manner each day, morning and night. The NCO was to ensure that any cigarette butt or other rubbish thrown into their particular area was to be removed. This actually happened as a matter of course, in the military fashion, but now it had to be accompanied by an apology. The 3 trees on the other side of the path were to be ignored.
The Security personnel were enthusiastic and joined in with the game, never realising that they, too, were also subjects of the “joke.”
On this occasion I went back to Mt Darwin three weeks later on business and visited the FAF. I expected that something would have happened, but did not expect the result I got.
The five trees, still about 1,5 metres when I left, now towered well over 2 metres high. The three seemed even smaller than before. Although the NCO had also left his successor had continued with the procedure and was an enthusiastic believer in the experiment. We changed the system, and when I was back in FAF 4 as Commandant some six weeks later the trees were all the same size at about 2,5 metres. The orders had been removed by another Commandant and no-one from the original experiment was left on the base.
At this point you would be forgiven for thinking: “So what? What has this to do with Anastasia?”
This is the really strange part. I was relaxed and sitting in my mind, in the middle of a forest glade. Various things came to me. My idea about Ko'ox Tun and my Friend's site being one of them. Surely, if I was on the right track, the wherewithal to realise my dream would manifest itself. Instead, whatever I try to do to raise the necessary funds turns to naught. My trip to settle in Belize turned into a disaster. I do not like living where I live. The people I meet are so blinkered that I cannot relate to them. The laws are so restrictive and the costs so high that here it is impossible for me to do what I dream of doing. In addition I still have that strong feeling and belief that Belize, with its Mayan, Garifuna, Creole, and other population groups will show the world that we are all one.
I have visions of what will happen there, happy positive visions, visions that will astound the world. The opposite to Russia in almost every way, but, with the thoughts that I have had over many years, that tiny country can be and indeed will be, a Beacon of Light to the rest of the world.
So what is it that is stopping me and why is it that I have very few readers and followers of both this Blog and the Friends of Ko'ox Tun? Am I wasting my time? It would seem so.
Then someone spoke to me in my mind. I cannot recall the words, indeed maybe there were no actual words, but the essence was.
“If everyone, who thinks as you do, and believes that the Universe is a good place to be were to write a few lines, were to publish a positive Blog site, then the Word would spread, little by little, one person, one family one village at a time, until the whole world would become positive and see the world travel through the Dark Ones Window of Time safely.
“We have people like Alex Jones and his from Texas, David Icke from England, Mike Monteiro from What Really Happened in Hawaii, all working hard to broadcast the work of the Dark Ones, all disseminating information that needs to be exposed. They are doing a good job, a necessary job, but there is more.
“The Universe, including Planet Earth, is still under the control of its Maker. The Dark Ones cannot win, but it needs the manifestation of the thoughts of people such as you to offset the thoughts of the many negative people in the world to allow the people of the world to get through this Window of Time. Stop thinking as a Technocrat, brought up in the false world that is manifested today. Rather go back to YOUR pristine origins when the world was pure and imagine the Paradise on Earth that it was and will become soon.
“And if people do not read you need not be concerned, your words are out there and their power will be there as well. And do not be concerned about Ko'ox Tun and Belize. When the time is right all will occur, you are where the Universe wants you to be. After all, you handed yourself over many years ago.”
So that is what I have done. I hope you will too.

In La'kech

Alex Jones

What Really Happened!

David Icke Forum


  1. I love this thoughtful's a book you might like to read:
    The Meaning of Trees : Botany, History, Healing, Lore
    by Hageneder, Fred.

  2. Hi Rob -

    WOW great post!

    I believe you're on the perfect path.

    Still looking forward to meeting you in Belize (or some place better - grin)

    Appreciate you,