Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why do I do this? Background information.

This entry started as an Email to a dear friend who sent me a book in response to the last entry. The book was called “God 's plan to protect his people.” It was written in 1998 and dealt with the coming break down of the financial system and how to get through it. Even eleven years ago it had become obvious that the Debt Money System was not sustainable. In fact, a writer called Stanislavsky had written an expose of the system and its inevitable collapse some 20 years earlier.
As I am no longer a practising Christian and, in fact, belong to no established religion or church, I felt that before continuing with this entry, I should give a little background to my religious history. When I first started writing it I thought carefully about what I was writing, for I did not wish in any way to offend a friend; then my typing was taken over by some greater force, it seemed, for the words simply poured out without thought or consideration. Upon reading what I had written I came to the inevitable conclusion that it seems very far fetched and unbelievable to most people and that it would probably accomplish nothing. Now, as I have often stated, I write for myself, not for others. If they want to read what I have written then that is fine; if they don't that is also fine. The same applies whether or not they agree or believe what I have written.
As a youngster I was Christened in an Anglican Church in the Midlands of England. We moved to Rhodesia in 1948 and after a few months settled in the Midlands town of Gatooma, where the family became members of the Anglican Church there, coincidentally called by the same name, All Saints.
I remained an Anglican until I reached my twenties, when I looked after the insurances of an American Evangelical Mission. There I met a Missionary, who, his time having expired, instead of returning to America decided to stay on in the country and form his own Society. He continued with my company looking after his insurance requirements. Now it happened that he had a daughter a couple of years younger than I, and she had decided to return to the States. He wanted her to remain with him. To sway her he introduced her to various young men of his acquaintance including me. On my first visit to his family I thought that was going to study the Bible and his brand of religion. I soon found out when, as soon as an early supper was eaten, and the family had left us alone, this wasn't the case. His daughter told me of the plot and, being fed up with new suitors, asked me to help her by pretending that we were getting on like a house on fire. As we liked each other this was easy to comply with. And so it came to pass that for several months, until she suddenly, to her family, packed her bags and left for an American University, I visited her several times a week.
The visits were always, shall we say, above board, for she had become like a sister, and we discussed the Bible in depth. She was going to a Bible College. The main thing I learnt in those days, and this was from her Dad, was that one must read the Bible from cover to cover and then read it again. And then read it again.
This I contrived to do by patiently reading a set number of verses every day. I was in the reserve army in those days, as well as being in insurance, and had plenty of time whilst on duty to complete a lot of my studies. I must say that the English rendition in the King James version, when studied in detail, reveals a lot of discrepancies.
My evangelical friends provided me with a Strong's Concordance for the princely sum of $2.50. It had been destined for free issue to black people but for us whites they had to charge! I determined that I should now study the King James yet again, this time taking every word and setting out for each verse the various nuances that were revealed by the translation from the Hebrew to English. It turned out to be an incredible experience and I recommend it to everyone.
I kept my hobby to myself, and I would vouch that my oldest friend, now in Australia, will confirm that he did not know what I was doing. He is also probably unaware that I also lectured about this and other matters to the Conservative Association on most Saturday Mornings. This meant that, as well as studying the bible, I also studied a variety of subjects, ranging from the Great Pyramid at Giza to the Earthquake Zones of the world. From the movement of the Israelite Dispersion to the formation of the Khazar Republic.
I studied the Jewish Kabbalah, Scientology, various Christian denominations, Buddhism, Hinduism, current world affairs, such as Global 2000, and history. My library eventually numbered over 3000 books, most of them reference and biographies. I studied and lectured on the Indian Mutiny, obtaining a first edition of a journalist's diary of that even. I obtained a first edition of Baden-Powell's Siege of Mafeking, General Slim's biography of his campaigns in Burma and so on. The Christian Crusades, the lies about Pearl Harbour, Gary Allen's exposure of the Rockefeller family, Jimmy Carter, Carroll Quigley, Clem Skousen. I met both Douglas Reed and David Irving, who wrote about Churchill's war; I studied the financing of the Russian Revolution by American based bankers, the rise of the House of Rothschild, the British Royal family's involvement in the Chinese Opium Wars, and their plundering of Central America and India; the Inquisition, the invasion of Peru and Mexico by the Spanish, the causes of the American War of Independence and the Civil War in that country; all and more were grist for the mill. All were subjects of lectures to the Association.
Eventually it became obvious that I could not belong to any organised religion, for all were subject to the influences of men. To belong to any church meant that if you disagreed with its doctrine then you would be considered an heretic.
I am afraid that the attitude revealed in the book I received yesterday, the same attitude that is prevalent among churches and their leaders, was the one that drove me from the Christian Church in the first place many, many, years ago. It also kept me from belonging to any other organised religion.
The possibility that there is a god who actually condemns something like 95% or more of the world's population to hell on earth is to me simply a form of spiritual blackmail. All mankind are the children of God, not just a small number of them.
It is my belief that the problems that face the world today stem directly from the actions of the greed of bankers and multi-national corporations that took over the governments of Europe and America starting from the 1700's.
In the past century the America and Britain has become the weapon of these people and have caused the death and suffering of countless millions of people all over the world. It is not god's plan ~ it is the plan of psychopaths who control entire generations of church goers.
The so called great tribulation has been current for the peoples of Nicaragua, Palestine, Cuba, Iraq and Afghanistan, as some examples for many decades, all brought about by the bank controlled American Government, and before them, as well as today, the British Raj. Everywhere one goes in this world one may find examples of injustice; from the illegal annexing of Hawaii, to the genocide of Anahuac (the Americas) to Australia, Canada, Mesopotamia, Africa, especially Africa, where Europeans, destroyed the lives of the locals in the Congo, South West Africa, South Africa, the Sudan, Somalia, Abyssinia et al. Nor were the Arab nations innocent in the rape of Africa; they were and still are, purveyors of slaves. All in the pursuit of money. All with the acquiescence or at the direction of religious leaders of all kinds and denominations.
I visited the island of Okinawa and witnessed spiritually the suffering of an entire generation of Islanders brought to them by the fascist troops of both Japan and America.
Yes, even then America was a fascist state.
The IMF is NOT confused, nor is the World Bank. They are there to enslave the peoples of the world. Their plans include the destruction of billions of people world wide. They started AIDS in Africa. There are many other examples of bio weapons, developed in the so-called Christian countries, that have been used to destroy millions. The latest example is current. They have named it "Swine Flu" and despite there only being less than 200 cases world wide have already started calling it a pandemic.
Unfortunately, the churches including most major religions, fail to see, or rather, collude with the rulers of this world to hide, what is evident to most thinkers. The ordinary people of this world are being enslaved. The rich, and the deluded members of certain religions, are all quite convinced that "they are safe." They will be rescued either by their god or by the money people.
This belief is inculcated in their minds so as to make them easily manipulated. When there purpose has been served they will be discarded as happens time and time again.
We are entering the final period of the material world, of the period when the greedy landowners, royalty and the hierarchy of the "Synagogue of Satan" will end their time in control; what is known in the Mayan Calendar as the Power Period. But it won't be the sudden and long awaited for arrival of a saviour, although one might seem to arrive, so as to cull from the peoples of the world a bunch of slaves. No, it will be the change in the consciousness of people all over the world.
Money doesn't exist. It is a myth. The current president of America (an incorporated corporation) has spent more money in 100 days than ALL of his predecessors put together. He borrowed from the very bankers he is bailing out and is sending the bill to the tax payers of America, the great unwashed, the very ones that the bankers are seeking to destroy. In Britain, another Corporation, similar events are unfolding. That debt and similar debts in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia can never be repaid. Thus the bankers will take over the material assets of the world. The dross or scum is rising to the surface as the refining of the gold of humanity takes place.
Unless the people of the world are able to understand what is happening and change their consciousness to reveal what is already in that consciousness ~ an awareness that they are co-creators of the Universe with the God that is the Universe.

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