Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Getting back to normal

This past week was one of ups and downs.
The UP was the visit by my daughter and grand-daughter from Okinawa. The DOWN was the death of my elder brother, Keith, in Zimbabwe. The consequence was that I found it difficult to concentrate and have fallen behind in my research.

As I mentioned before I have being trying out Jim Humble's MMS and also the Hydrogen Peroxide treatment. Both have worked well, but I have not yet reached the optimum treatment level for me.

The next experiment is related to the Ko'ox Tun idea as well; this time with regard to Organic Farming as well as personal and spiritual well being. Many people have studies Orgonite. I am now doing the same. So far only in theory but as my daughter's organic garden is developed both on her allotment and at her house, (we are still waiting for permission to erect the greenhouse that was designed to meet National Building requirements without the need for plans) this will turn in to an actual "hands on" experiment.

To whet any appetites please see here: Gardening Trials: Growing Giant Vegetables.

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