Thursday, June 04, 2009

Chemtrails over Basingstoke 2

This morning I woke up early as my daughter, Penny and grand-daughter, Sahratia, are arriving from South Africa en route for their home in Okinawa. I went out early to look at the nano-garden and the bright blue sky was criss-crossed with chemtrails. I too 26 stills and two videos in less than 10 minutes, using my tiny Sony Cyber-shot.

The stills are now on my Picasa site - see the Slide-show at the top on the right of the Blog - and below are the videos. The sad thing to me is that people just laugh and look at me pityingly when I tell them about it. "The Government wouldnever do anything like that!" Most refuse to even have a look at the Picasa Album or my Blog.

Even sadder, and to a degree more frightening, is the fact that journalists have bowed at the knee to their bosses and scoff at chemtrail existence as being a "conspiracy theory put out by lame brains." They probably think that they are a part of the establishment and are therefore secure. What an awakening they will be getting in the not too distant future.

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