Thursday, December 02, 2010

In South Africa ~ Pt 2

Well then.  It is 06h00 on this snowy morning on Mudd Island.  The radio is announcing which schools are closed due to the snow.  Train bulletins - the Gatwick trains are suspended and the Airport closed.  Makes it easier to think of Randburg in Gauteng on a fine late winter morning.

This post today will be a Photo Blog and you will see the clear blue African skies.  But... look at the security systems in place and imagine what it is like to automatically lock the gates and doors, to always look out through bars. And bear in mind that this Unit is within a secure complex behind high walls and an electrified and alarmed fence with an Armed Response Unit on call 24 hours per day!

Is it the vibrational energy that is out of kilter; an acceptance of what is perceived as reality that has caused this consciousness of insecurity to become manifest?  If the wealthier South Africans, who feel the need to live behind the bars like the animals enclosed within the Pretoria and Johannesburg Zoos, were to change their thinking and think only positive thoughts of what they really want, rather than thinking negatively of what they in fact do not want; would that vibration of insecurity, of fear, change to become one of security and love for all, irrespective of race, colour, social position and creed?

It certainly struck me that most South Africans I met certainly do fear their own environment and constantly beat the drum of the negative events that are reported in the mass media every day.  A change of Consciousness to a Vibration of Positivity is certainly needed there.
Of course, this only is my opinion.
Guantanamo?  No, Randburg, Gauteng, RSA.

Back garden - wall to neighbour.  Extra height is to stop cats getting out.
Back Garden with rear door showing gate - kept pocked. Extra height to stop cats getting out.
Wall between next door - also walled and alarmed etc. Fence is electric and alarmed.
Back garden.

Back garden.
Gate between Back and Front gardens.

Front Garden behind the wall.

Front gate

Side Gate into Front Garden

Side gate between the Front Garden and the Back Garden.

The veranda from the Front Garden.

The gate securing the front door.

Sliding gates adjacent to the veranda ~ note that the unit is also alarmed.

Bars on front window.
Bars on dining room window at rear behind two gates and the high wall around the back garden..
Bars on bathroom at back.

Bars on the window of the room I slept in. At rear.

A view from the veranda.

Another view ~ note the gates and walls on all the Units.

Wall between two Units.

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