Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ann Widdecombe update ~ voted off.

Doing her best dance.

In an amazing swing of voters that would have meant a complete overturning of the Government ~ even the Lib Dems would have won with this percentage change in the votes cast ~ she was "voted" off by viewers.

She will appear on the Strictly Come Dancing Tour around Britain and no doubt will be seen on the BBC hopefully as a Comedian but probably as an Interviewer.

61 year old Pamela Stephenson ~ wife of Comedian Billy Connolly ~ was give 4 tens on her birthday with husband in the audience.  That is the second video. Dancing aficioanados should remember that she has only been dancing for about 8 weeks and that this is an entertainment show not a professional ballroom dancing competition.


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  1. Penny8:27 AM

    3 Dances in a week. Maybe it is better for her that she was voted out.