Friday, December 10, 2010

Tweaking my Blog ~ Making it easier to read for the Visually Impaired

I have had a comprehensive report compiled telling me how my Blog shapes up.  

The first thing I read was that my Blog Title was too long so I shortened it. 

Next  came the fact that my Blog is not PC Compliant.  I have changed things a bit and hopefully this is an improvement for those who are short-sighted or partially sighted.

Colours are important so I have changed them a bit.  The Blog description has now changed.  I am not sure I like the orange but we'll see about that.  Possibly light blue might be better.  

Lastly, apparently I haven't been putting tags and/or labels on my posts - I must correct that.

Now ~ a Video.  This is a fascinating study of the co-relationship between Income and Health in 200 Countries over 200 years.

As you watch this remember that:

Europe = Brown
Asia = Red
Sub-Saharan Africa = Blue
Middle East = Green
Americas = Yellow


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