Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ladies as Soccer Officials

The Offside Rule (in Football [soccer!]
I expect that most of the time no-one here who reads my posts enjoys or even knows anything about most Sports. However, this one is very serious. The Football Association of Britain (or England - not sure which)  is now using ladies to act as Referees and Linesmen, (the ones who run up and down the lines waving a flag).

I am not sure why they don't call them lineswomen but it seems they don't. Now I have never seen a Football Match when ladies were involved although I did once see some ladies actually playing soccer. They seemed to be better at it than the average English male player but then I very rarely ever watch men playing.

Apparently this last weekend a lady failed to blow an offside - this seems to me that she should have blown a whistle and waved her flag - and a goal was scored! This is apparently something a man would never do. The Sky Sports guys said all sorts of things about the goal - I heard about this from the furore later - during the commentary but then, after they were off the air, said all sorts of things about women shouldn't be allowed to be in football.

I think that this might be because, as in a certain Church, only Men can run this Football Religion and therefore women are excluded.

Today I saw this article in the Daily Mash and thought I should share it.

As Sky Sports launched some dreary investigation into the brains of Andy Gray and Richard Keys, experts said it would be impossible for a woman to not understand the offside rule because it is one of the rules of football.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: "Of all the non-American sports, football is easily the most childishly simple.

"This is not Fermat's Last Theorem. It is a game designed specifically for low-grade morons who have to be told when to go to the toilet.

"Claiming you don't understand the offside rule is just one of those things people say at parties, because if they really didn't understand it they would be either a potato or a bar of soap."

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