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Today's World and the Mayan Calendar

Mugabe's Palace ~ in Zimbabwe ~ the poorest African Nation.

My good friend from Bosnia-Herzogowina sent me the following photographs.  

I had seen them before but in the light of events in Iceland, Greece, North Africa, Albania, Yemen and the Sudan they stirred within me the desire to set out what I feel is happening today. So I wrote the following post.  You see when his Email arrived I was watching the live Al Jazeera Feed from Cairo on the internet and thinking about how so much originated there and if what is happening there is the beginning of change in our world. You see, the photos emphasized the disparity that is prevalent all over the world between those who have and those who do not have.
  These are my ideas and anyone is welcome to accept or reject them.  I only ask, as I always do, that anyone reading my words think about and research them. 

Mugabe's People - those he was elected to serve.

 Our Earth has the ability to provide everyone with everything that anyone could possibly want. There is no need for anyone to be short of anything no matter how much anyone else has. There are more than enough resources for everyone. That is the Nature of this wonderful planet.
What has happened, though, is that the more that people have accrued over the millennia the more they have become convinced that they and only they must be able to control all resources. They even believe that the less fortunate and those who historically did not require huge amounts of those resources, should be deprived of anything more than the absolute necessities for fear that they would consume too much and thus prevent the wealthy from accruing what they felt they deserved.
Thus it was that the powerful believed that they were the “chosen few” and that everyone else was there merely to serve their every whim. This power became manifest through three facets – what may be called the Spear Points of the Trident of Power.
What then is this Trident of Power?
Firstly, let me consider the term “Conspiracy Theory,” lest what I write be dismissed as another such theory. The term conspire has two meanings – the first being “to agree together especially secretly to do something wrong or evil.” and the second simply “to act or work together toward the same goal or result.” In the UK it became a term in law with the first definition being used. The term Conspiracy Theory was first used apparently in 1909. The term “theory” relates, of course, to something that has no proof attached e.g. the Theory of Relativity. Thus by coupling the two words together as is done extensively today anything – whether with proof or without is delegated to the realms of speculation. The propounder of such “Theories” becomes a Theorist and is thus beneath rational consideration. In this way any argument, whether founded on facts or pure speculation may be dismissed without arguments being produced.
However, if we consider both meanings and look at our daily lives we will see that a conspiracy of some kind will govern what we do continually. Parents conspire to bring up their children, shops conspire with their staff to raise profits etc. In the English language there are so many words, usually imported from another language, as indeed the word conspire was, that describe any action or event, that this word has become a byword for what is believed to be an ages old movement that set out to enslave the world and to move all materials, resources and wealth into the hands of the few.
Anyone who takes the time to read what I write will be able to immediately dismiss the conclusions contained herein using the arguments I have mentioned above. However, this knee-jerk reaction has come about by the continued evolution of Earth, its systems and its languages. Such is the power of the spoken and written word that anything that sounds as if it took two or more people to collude in any action to accomplish it then it is dismissed as a Conspiracy Theory and is therefore untrue. According to the beliefs of today everything – and I mean everything – that effected the world and the way it operates came about purely by chance.
Coming back to the Trident of Power. What do I mean by this term? It originated in my mind to describe the forces that control the world today, although it existed in other ways before, usually to describe a simple three pronged spear wielded by Poseidon and Neptune. It is also used nowadays in computer games.
These two photos show the Mayan Pyramids with the details of the Underworlds superimposed. The article starts in the National Cycle and end today. I hope to show how the Mayan Calendar shows how the world has evolved over the millennia.
To me the Trident of Power came about over the past five thousand years or more as men (and here I use the words man and men to include women as well) sought to gain control over other men. Western man, in particular, has become imbued with a sense that they may only exist if they are subservient to some ruler. Initially the Man in Charge held his authority by the use of force. A tribal leader would enforce his will on his tribe by the force of his own stature and by the force of his own personality. He would then be looked up to by his followers and they would undertake virtually any task that he would demand of them. Over the centuries these leaders came to believe in their own destiny as a Leader by Right. As the Tribe became stronger and more numerous they sought ever more power and led their followers into battle against other tribes in their vicinity. Eventually the Tribe became a Nation. We are now in the National Cycle as shown in the graphic above; the 4th level from the top. During this era Earth evolved from scattered tribes to organised Nations. The First Point of the Trident of Power – the use of force, the military, was firmly in place.
It was also during this era that those in power, who had relied mainly on brute force realised that it was a debilitating and expensive exercise to keep slaves, for instance, and to use the power of their armies to keep their slaves and subjects under control. At the same time the people enslaved or under such control began to become more and more restless and many revolts broke out in the various areas. Take Egypt as an example. There, the rulers, using force were building pyramids, albeit to copy existing ones that had been in the land for many thousands of years. They used their army of slave masters to force the slaves into working harder. The slaves were becoming more and more restless and output dropped off. Then one day a Priest of the Court of Pharaoh spoke to the ruler and proposed a radical solution.
“Why not release all the slaves, explaining to them that from now on they would no longer need to work.”
The Pharaoh was aghast, “But what about the monuments to my glory?” he asked. The Priest stilled his protest, “You will also explain that there is a downside,” he said, “Although the slaves no longer have to work, you, of course, will no longer feed or clothe them.”
At first the Pharaoh was pleased but then came a realisation. “Well, of course, I will save money there but I will still have to pay my slave-masters and feed them even though they do nothing. And my glorious monuments will still not get built.”
Once again the Priest stilled his protests. “Whilst that may be true on the surface,” he said, “in fact you will disband your slave driver force completely. So you will neither pay nor feed and house them.”
The Pharaoh was ecstatic. “Of course,” he agreed, “I wasn't thinking. “Wait a second, though, if I have no slave-masters, and no slaves, not only will my monuments never get built but I will have thousands of people starving to death whilst they suffer outside in the cold, the heat and the wet. They will revolt. The whole thing is ridiculous!”
The Priest was very calm. “Not at all,” he told the Pharaoh. “It is all in the way you spin it. You see, you will take the money you have paid out before and you will pay the slaves that money plus a little bit. The slave-masters you will make into foremen and pay them more than before.”
The Pharaoh wasn't convinced. “So, making them free will cost me,” he exclaimed in disgust.
“Not at all. You see, you will now charge them for their food and their shelter and they will then pay you back all you pay them to make for themselves a better life. And as you own all the food and all the land you can charge them what you like and even charge them for growing their own food and building their own shelter. And by giving production bonuses you can get them to work harder and more productively than ever before.”
And thus Economic Slavery came into being.
But there was another even more important and far reaching thing that came into force during this period. Until then in Egypt there were many and diverse gods. The Priests had some sway over the Pharaohs but they were, in effect, there to assist the Pharaoh who believed that they were actually gods themselves. From that time onwards the Priest wielded more and ever more power and influence until, as the Power of the Pharaohs waned and their power base moved from the Nile to the North and the West the Priest came to actually represent the gods. They put into effect a notion that Man was made after God's own image and then immediately re-made Him into an entity after Man's own image. They gave Him the authority, the attributes that they felt were desirable to meet with their ideas, their goals and their ambitions. Thus came into being the Second Spear Point of the Trident; the Ecclesiastical. By the end of this Era in 1755 almost every monarch had been convinced, as well as the priests of various churches, that they ruled by Divine Right; that they were appointed by an outside “God” who knew everything, saw everything and controlled everything. Even the glitch that several masters had caused in Palestine, in India, and elsewhere, had been changed to seem to reinforce the control exerted by the Churches. When one studies secular history before 1755 AD one can see how this control actually affected that history.
Many parts of the world were not under the influence of the Priests, for they had grown into power mainly in the West and the North. The Far East, Africa, Australia and the Americas belonged to indigenous races who worshipped their own Great Spirits, no matter what these were. In the few hundred years leading up to the new Planetary Underworld – the Era of Power – that started in 1755 Nations had started preparing for Global conquest. No longer were they content with just a country to run. Now they wanted to rule the entire world or as much as it as possible. In various Treaties the Catholic Church – the pre-eminent church of the times – allocated the land of other peoples to the various countries. They assumed that Earth belonged to their God and therefore as His representative on Earth they had this right. The Monarchs agreed and set out with great zeal. Much hardship for indigenous people resulted for, according to the Church, these people were less than human and therefore did not matter in the scheme of things.
Now came the beginnings of the Third Spear Point of the Trident of Power, Finance. In 1743 or 44 a child was born who was to shape the financial future of the world ~ one Mayer Amschel of Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Within the 18th Century Amschel, now called Rothschild after his fathers pawnshop sign of a red shield was able to extend his banking facilities to include the crowned heads of most of Europe. It was he and his sons who started the Debt Money System that is in place today. There has been enough written about this system and all that bears repeating is that what the early American, Thomas Jefferson stated in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries has today come to pass. If you are interested in his words then go here: 
To recap then. The Trident of Power = Military Force, Finance and Ecclesiastical.
And where is each situated? Arguably  ~ Finance = City of Westminster ~ Ecclesiastical = The Vatican and ~ Force = Washington DC
Please note that all three are City States within the host Nation. Don't take my word for it; look it up.
Hang on, I can hear you saying, that means that you are saying it is all a conspiracy theory.
Not at all. It is a THEORY, yes but...
To be a conspiracy that fits the definition at the beginning of the article there must be a group of people who thought this all out over six thousand years ago and then stuck to their ideas and plans, with modifications, over the millennia. That means that the one that most people refer to as God actually devised this entire scheme and kept it running.
Now I do not ascribe this "movement" to an external god who controls all we do. In Fact I cannot ascribe this to any god that allows the things that have happened over the millennia to so may people and still believe that such a god is loving and protective. I cannot believe that, at the last minute, some god powered cavalry will appear on the horizon and rescue only those who believe in him from a fate worse than death itself.
I can, however, ascribe such maneouvres to an internal source of energy that all mankind forms a part of and that Universal Consciousness is such that whatever Man does will be to the benefit of the Universe. However, I am not here to either destroy or criticise anyone's beliefs or to get into an argument over religion. This article perhaps will help to shed some light on to the reasons that things are happening today that seem to be shaping up into a catastrophe, whereas, I believe, those events are in fact not “bad” but “good.”
So let's tie the events into the Mayan Calendars.
Let us recap the Eras.
  • Starting about 5000 years ago in 3115 BC the National Underworld begins. The essence of this Era is the Law and during this period the rules and regulations that govern us today were initially laid down. Obviously these laws have changed and grown and evolved over the millennia.
  • Next comes the Planetary Underworld, beginning in 1755 AD and now we enter into the Era during which Power dominates. The Nations that came into being during the previous Underworld ~ bearing in mind that the Underworlds themselves overlap and all come to an end in October 2011 and thus elements continue to this day ~ were consolidated and strengthened.
  • The next Underworld, the Galactic, commenced in 1999 AD and this is one of amazing significance for during this period Ethics comes to dominate. Another thing that must be noted is that each Underworld lasts much longer than the following one. Reference to the second photograph will show you this shortening in detail. Note, however, that during each succeeding Underworld technology comes to light in an ever speeding up cycles. One only has to look at the first years of the 20th century compared to the developments of the first year of the present century to see examples of this. The main thing to note here, though, is the exposure of all sorts of information that was concealed for millennia. In this regard the Internet has played a major role and although the Internet had its beginnings in the 'Sixties it is from 1999 AD that it became as open and freely available as it is today to so many people. Naturally, the more advanced Nations were the ones who were able to access it at first. As the Underworld progressed so the amount of information increased. All sorts of perfidy, concealed for so many years, was brought to the attention of the peoples of the world.
  • We are now in the final run up to the Universal Underworld. This starts on the 9th March 2011 and the end of all the Underworlds comes on 28th October 2011. This is the shortest and therefore the fastest developing of all the Eras or Underworlds that have occurred. This Underworld promises to change the consciousness of the peoples of the world in a most amazing and dynamic way. For during this Era people will be able to co-create with the Universe.
  • It must be borne in mind that the Mayan Calendar does NOT predict the future. Events are not mentioned other than as allegories and it has been this that has tended to confuse scholars of the calendars for many years. To describe the events not only in the past but also in the future the Mayans as well as most other ancient civilisations used “gods” to describe what was to happen. This practise allowed scholars from the so-called “civilised world” to call these ancient peoples pagans and other descriptions meant to denigrate them. I am indebted to Mayan Majix, who prepared the Pyramid Graphics, David Simpson of Belize, Ian Xel Lungold and Dr Carl Calleman, all of whom have shown me a tremendous amount of data in their works. The thing is that to understand this “co-creation one has to toss out all religious and church teachings that have been “accepted” and promulgated as fact for so many years. One must also question political systems, medical procedures and medicines, systems of electrical power, oil power, and much else that one today has been taught to believe is correct. I do not claim to know everything ~ in fact it is probable that I know nothing. All I can say to anyone is that it behoves everyone to question everything that they have ever learned.
But how does all this tie in to what is happening across the world? The clue is in the photos of Mugabe's Palace in Zimbabwe and the photos of his people living “in the gutter.”
So what is different from what has been happening all over Earth for millennia? My contention is ~ nothing. I have visited many areas of the world and seen many of the palaces that have been built in the past 5000 to 6000 years. From palaces in Nagoya, Japan, to Palaces in France and Britain. I have seen documentaries about Palaces in St Petersburg, Versailles, Beijing, London, America, north, central and south, other areas of Asia and Africa. All had one thing in common. They were built at a time when peasants in each country were treated as “non-humans” who were tolerated for the sweat of their brow.
I was asked to leave one stately home that belonged to the Rothschilds, “donated” to the nation but still used as a political meeting place hosted by the current head of the clan. The guide showed us around the halls and grand furniture, accoutrements etc. Previously, I had listened to a lecture from someone else that dealt with the stables. These are now the Souvenir Shop. The lecturer laughed and said that the staff who served the lords were not housed as well as the horses! Inside the Guide said that “This is our heritage. My family were in service in this house for many years.”
I queried her statement and asked if it was not a fact that her heritage was in the hovels that had now been demolished. She took exception and asked me to leave. As I had just visited the True Yard cottages in Kings Lynn in Norfolk the memory of the history of that area was fresh in my mind. Here is an extract of what happened there for hundreds of years ~ all within spitting distance of the Bishop's residence and his church.
This is what the "official" story is at what is now a museum:
At one time father, mother and nine children lived here. The only bed upstairs slept all nine children - five at the top and four at the bottom. Mum and Dad slept on the floor with a curtain screening from the children. It is unusual to find a cooking range in such a small cottage - normally they would only have had a open fire to cook on and anything that needed baking would be taken to the North End bakery, and the baker would bake the food for a halfpenny. The floor was made of brick and when the men returned with the catch it would be shot on to the floor and the family would sort out the rubbish such as weeds, starfish etc before selling it. One can imagine the smell!”
If you look at everywhere, every country, you will find the same. However, it would seem that people have forgotten all about these times. Now every tinpot dictator is singled out as being beyond the pale yet most people will protest violently about what I have written. Amazingly, they are even more indignant when I state that the the current dictators are merely copying their teachers, those who colonised them over the years.
The Mainstream Media (MSM) are suggesting that the protests in Egypt originated in Tunisia in that the earlier protests were inspired from that country. The idea seems to be that this is a Muslim uprising and that if allowed to continue Radical Islam, whatever that is,  will take over the Middle East. As ever Israel is made out to be the innocent party to all the troubles there.

The immediate or proximate cause might have been Tunisia but that is not where the world wide protests began.
Look at the First Spear ~ that of Military Might epitomised by the United States Military co-ordinated from Washington. Did you know that America now has well over 1000 bases world wide? That entire peoples have been dispossessed by the military moving in? That America is now in de facto control of 191 countries that are members of the United Nations? Did you ever think why it is that any country, such as Haiti, have free and fair elections and elect the man of their choice – Aristide – only to have him deposed and sent into exile? Why is it that that man when trying to return to Haiti to assist his people finds that America blocks his return?
What does one do against the might and power of the Americans? How does one fight them?
Next look at another Spear Point – the Ecclesiastical. Why is it that anywhere that Muslims are in power tends to be destabilised and the regime slandered and accused of all manner of human rights abuse. I am not claiming that Islam is completely innocent. Like everyone else they, too, have been subjected to all manner of brainwashing and manipulation. One only has to look at the Sudan, where a radical Islamic regime is supported by the Americans. Recently the South, which is predominantly Christian voted overwhelmingly, as much as 99%, for independence. Yet the South is the poorest region of the country. Look at the two maps that follow and see if THAT makes sense. After considering the first map showing the fertility, then look at the second one. That one will tell you why it is my opinion that 1: The South will never gain independence or 2: the Americans will install their own puppet.

This brings us on to the Third Point ~ Finance. And Finance includes Banking and of course Commodities such as oil.
And where was the first “uprising?” What about Iceland? The people of Iceland were told by their Government that they had to bail out their banks despite the reason being stupid investments from other countries many of which were from England. The Bankers were, many of them, domiciled in England and their main offices were based in London. The people were then to pay for something not of their making and for which they would never gain any benefit. They said a resounding “No!” The bankers failed and the government fell. 
This was the first crack in the Debt Money System. In the States and Britain the Governments bailed out the Banks and the people didn't protest en masse. In Greece the people also rebelled and there are many signs that those protests will continue in the future. Other countries, Albania, Jordan, Yemen, all are getting into the same frame of mind.
Egypt, and I take my hat off to the Egyptians, are protesting against all odds. Note that the Americans seem to be changing their minds about who to support. The Israelis appear to be running scared and there are reports of proscribed weapons being shipped in to control the protesters. Proscribed is a nice word that means illegal!  Saudi Arabia are just as scared. The IMF have come in with offers of help. If the Egyptians are to survive and better their lives then they MUST reject the Banker controlled IMF, for, it is claimed by many, that body consists of gangsters who rape and pillage the economies of every country they get involved with.
Is this the beginning of the change of consciousness, the awakening of people everywhere? If it is then is it not fitting that Egypt is the country where the world took notice, just as 5000 years ago it was the country that started the system on a wide world basis?

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