Saturday, April 27, 2013

Want a Holiday? Have a look at Malta

A couple of years ago - at the end of a long cold winter in the UK - my daughter and I, on the spur of the moment, decided to go on holiday as far south as our British passports would take us without the nause of getting visas. 

We plumped on Malta - that Bastion of the Seas - sixty odd miles south of Sicily.

We didn't have much cash to spare as both of us had just bought new cameras. So I looked for a cheap holiday.  Amazingly we found that we could get a 75% reduction for an all inclusive bed, breakfast and flight.  In fact it was so cheap that for the price of a room for one night at the Gatwick Airport Hotel we were able to get an eight day holiday with the flight thrown in!

My God, I thought what sort of dump will this be? And the price included a taxi ride to and from the Hotel, situated on the coast in a place called Sliema. Still it would be warm,

The flight over was good - OK it was on Easy Jet the economy airline but even that wasn't too bad.  The taxi was there on time.  It was a brand new people carrier. The trip into town was quick; too quick for some I guess for Malta has its share of crazy drivers, but we arrived safely. 

Then we were dropped off at the hotel.  Surely not!  Marble Floors, free wi-fi, superb view of the bay from the terrace by the pool.  There must be something wrong. 

But no, this was our hotel.  And it was great with comfortable beds, bath as well as shower and a fantastic breakfast thrown in. 

The eight days we spent touring Malta and Gozo, the smaller island nearby, made me want, not only to visit again but to rent a flat and live there! Friendly people, good food and wine, a superb bus service, historical buildings and museums.  And no crime, we were told by locals. What a haven of peace in a turbulent world. 

And the weather?  Fantastic, though in winter the sea was a bit too cold for us South Africans from the heat of KwaZulu Natal.

Want to see more?  Then look here  Malta ~ Through My Lens I took over 1000 photos of Malta with my new camera - they are mostly on my Picasa Site.

To show YOU Malta the Links follow

Around Gozo

Enjoy your virtual trip to the islands and then come see them live!

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  1. after reading your blog i must say i would go to Malta this summer with my friends thanks for sharing.